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7 ways to still feel confident when you have acne

Acne can affect nearly every one of us at any point in time after puberty. 88% of adolescents and up to 44% of adults in Singapore have identified themselves with acne, no matter how mild or severe it can be. Living with acne can be difficult – it not only affects our appearance, but it lowers our confidence and self-esteem as well.

We’ve had years of treating people with acne, have encouraged many during their treatment process, and also at the point when they feel the lowest. It is easier said than done, but with some support and help, these are some ways you can still feel confident when you have acne.

1. Realise that it is not as obvious as you think:

Each one of us is the worst critic of our own skin. You may think that you are going through a really bad acne phase in your life, it could be just mild to moderate and is not as noticeable as you think. Most people do not pay too much attention to your skin, and they shouldn’t – let your personality shine through while you tackle this skin condition.

2. Don’t scrutinise every pore, blackhead and pimple:

Your pores will always be there, and occasional pimple flare ups are normal, no matter how flawless our skin may be. The more you scrutinise your skin, the more critical you will be over even the tiniest flaw. Step away from the mirror and look at yourself as a whole. There are good days and bad days, cut yourself some slack!

3. Don’t let your acne stop you from doing things:

We have heard people tell us that their acne has affected their dating lives, their relationships with friends, and even their performance at work. We know that acne can sometimes make you not want to leave the house because you feel conscious about your skin, but it is only worse if you let acne control your life. Your skin does not make you who you are.

4. Stay positive:

There are days when you feel that your acne’s so bad, and your skin doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better. It can be tough to stay positive in such situations all the time. However, know that there is always help available. Acne is a medical condition that CAN be treated. Focus on the good things that are going on, stay positive, and the negative aspects would worry you less.

5. Be patient:

Patience is a virtue, especially when you’re on a journey to treat acne.

Acne does not resolve in a day or week, but requires a commitment and dedicated maintenance. Products and medications take time to work due to the skin cells’ renewal rate. Seek the right skincare products, medications, treatments and acne can be controlled and subdued.

Being impatient and putting stress on yourself will only hamper the effectiveness of treatments. The more patient you are with your skin and yourself, the easier the treatment journey will be.

6. Talk to friends, or people who have been through acne themselves:

Talk to people who understand acne – it could be a medical professional, a skincare guru, and especially those who have been through acne, and got their acne treated. They will be the ones encouraging you through a particularly long and tough purging period, telling you to be patient and hang in there. We understand that having acne can be tough and affect us all emotionally. We are always here to help you to understand your journey and path to recovery.

7. Know that help is always available:

It is always comforting to know that acne is a treatable condition and can be eradicated early. You might be in despair at some point in time, but acne is a treatable condition. We have seen the relief in people’s faces when they get better, and the evident increase in confidence when we see them again.

Understand the type of acne you are suffering from, and learn about types of skincare products that will work for your type of acne. Get proper, professional help and remember the above points at the start of your acne-free journey!


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