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Will my acne return after I stop my acne medication?

One very common question we get in our daily practice is, does acne come back after oral medication? We understand that this can be a worrying thought to some patients,

7 ways to still feel confident when you have acne

Acne can affect nearly every one of us at any point in time after puberty. 88% of adolescents and up to 44% of adults in Singapore have identified themselves with
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Does my diet or dairy cause breakouts?

The current evidence regarding food affecting acne breakouts it still controversial. It is very difficult to study to the role of diet in acne. Some studies, have found possible associations

What Ingredients Should Be In My Skincare?

Active ingredients in acne-range skin care such as cleansers, exfoliators and toners which have been proven to be beneficial for acne include benzoyl peroxide (BP) and the family of hydroxy

What can I do during a sudden acne outbreak?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we may wake up to sudden red, angry-looking acne breakouts on our skin. The whole pathogenesis of acne is a complex interplay of factors as