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I’ve been visiting Aeras for 3 months now and I have already seen improvements in my skin, my therapists have been really helpful in answering my questions and gave advice on how to properly care for my skin. I don’t have a specific therapist but Jaslyn, Erene, and Carolyn have been very kind, friendly, and professional. Tbvh..all staffs there are very professional and friendly, definitely recommend if you’re looking to treat your acne!

OH YES and please do give their products a try (I’m using the blue range cleanser and toner), only used it for 3 months but my skin already feels more refreshed and calm when using them. Have topped up my supply after trying one bottle each, would like to give their sheet mask a try in the near future!


Have been going to Aeras for the past few months and I can safely say that I enjoy my time there very much. I leave the place feeling rejuvenated and with my face feeling very clean. I have never once left the place with my face blotchy and red and this is something I really truly appreciate. They also do not hard sell and only recommend you what you need. Highly recommended. Thank you Erene, for always knowing what my skin needs best and Jaslyn for taking care of my fiance’s skin. 🙂


I have been with Aeras for quite a while. The ladies here are always very friendly and welcoming you like your family! Highly recommended place! Never regret investing my money here, especially with Erene around! Erene took care of my skin very well by assessing my current skin and advised which is best for me.. She will explain to me what she will be doing for me during the facial process as well. The best part is she is very gentle to my skin which is one of the reasons why I am with Aeras! As my past experience I encountered I am very careful and particular in choosing beautician, so I wanna give Erene a thumbs up!


A very comfortable and pleasant environment so far! I joined last year and the service is top notch! Will definitely recommend anyone here, worth the time and money! My face has also improved tremendously.



Very pleasant facial experience, Erene is very professional and gentle. she often teaches me more about how to take better care of my skin and recommends me the most suitable skin treatments depending on what my skin needs the most each time 🙂 overall a very effective and enjoyable facial experience



I really enjoyed my facial session today, and my consultant Jaslyn was really nice & personal when she was giving me my skin analysis & advising on which treatment / after care to proceed with. I could feel Jaslyn’s genuine sincerity in helping me with my face issue 🥰

And I LOVE how Aeras didn’t feel like a typical facial place whereby I never really know if the consultants are just pushing for business or genuinely sharing advice. It was very clear that Jaslyn just wanted to help me out ❤️

Pricing is SUPER justified. I LOVE the aqua bomb facial that was recommended for me 👍🏼



The only Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore that has the super friendly and very welcoming staff by far. Especially Carolyn and Yen they are the best! Very knowledgeable and helpful with all skin concerns. Visited other Aesthetic clinic but only Aeras really impressed me with the service and treatment. Always looking forward on my next visit! Thanks again Carolyn and Yen! Please continue to make all your clients happy and satisfied 😊



I’ve been visiting Aeras for more than a year now. I don’t have a specific therapist whenever I visit them but Jaslyn, Tiffany, Yuki left an impression 🙂 The reception ladies are always very warm and welcoming as well. Would recommend Aeras to those dealing with acne issues. Had a terrible breakout due to maskne last year and I am glad that I’ve graduated from doing Acne facials to Hydrating facials.

Oh yes, do give their in house products Correct + Calm Blemish Correcting Toner + Skin Better’s AlphaRet a try. They are my current must-have in keeping my skin clear from maskne!



Tried the Hydrafacial 3 Step Facial today. It has been many years since I went to a facial. I am very impressed with how clean my pores got at the end of it. And also how much they have shrunk as well. Highly recommended!



I will never go for a facial anywhere else.

This is the only place where I don’t feel pressured to buy anything – be it products or packages. They are never pushy and they are always so gentle and reassuring. Also, their extractions don’t hurt! The receptionists and therapists are always so friendly. It is a joy to go there every time and my skin is slowly, but surely, getting clearer. Thank you Aeras!



I’ve been fed up with my persistent acne problems yet I never sought professional advice prior to this.

So without expectation and with my churchmate’s recommendation, I went to Aeras and was really impressed by the patience, professionalism, and friendliness of the staff there! From the doctor to the managers to the assistants, all have been solid in both skill and knowledge, topping that with a keen interest to help me! I never felt rushed at the appointments nor felt like they were trying to hard-sell me anything, but sincere in advising what they thought best for me — and the results have proved my trust right!

I took the 8-session carbon peel package over 6 months and the results were fantastic, even family and friends took notice of the difference! Would highly recommend Aeras to those seeking practical help and emotional/mental release from frustrations with their skin problems (:



I must say AERAS experience is really good. Perfectly comfortable, Doctor and staffs are very friendly with clear explanation. Solve any kind of skin problems here at AERAS!! 🙂 Highly recommended!



Purify + Calm honey oat mask is my new love! It helps to calm and reduce redness of pimple, it immediately dried up on the next morning. And I’m in love with the nice smell of the mask too! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

A Kwok, May 6, 2019


I chanced upon Aeras on social media and never regretted setting my foot in 🙂 Everybody there was fantastic and they put welfare above everything else. Your concerns are their concerns and their service is really good.

If you do have any acne skin concerns, they are there to help, regardless.

Grace L, 19 November 2018


I have had acne issues since puberty started. Ever since I visited Aeras 2 weeks ago, my face cleared up ALOT! I have never felt my face this smooth before!!! No more “orange” skin, no more HUGE red pimples! Best of all, NO MORE CONGESTED skin!!! I definitely recommend anyone with acne issues to give Aeras a visit!

Felicia L, 23 November 2018

Just embarked on my acne treatment program here! Really like the fact that they are unlike those traditional beauty salons as they use a mixture of machines and handwork to do the facial, which I do find it effective. My face has the tendency to get really red after extraction so the use of multiple machines + mask helps to cool it down faster. Looking forward to seeing more results! Kudos to my facial therapist, Tiffany 🙂



I’ve been doing facials with Aeras since early 2020 and it’s always a pleasant experience every time. When they say they don’t hard sell or pressure customers – they really mean it. Treatment and product recommendations are always given thoughtfully. Really appreciate how they have never tried to upsell their customers just for the sake of making a quick buck.

My therapist Carolyn is also amazing! She is very thorough yet gentle when treating my super clogged skin, and she is so sweet and approachable. Every facial leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth thanks to her skilled hands. My acne has become much more manageable after I started going to Aeras.

Highly recommended for quality facials in a relaxing atmosphere with friendly professional staff.
I don’t think I could ever go anywhere else 😂



Had my first experience in Aeras by Carolyn. She’s approachable, knowledgeable & friendly to so many of the questions regarding my acne & condition of my skin is well taken care of. Have significantly reduced the breakouts & skin condition have improved along the sessions.

Definitely recommend anyone facing acne issues to give Aeras a visit.



Had my first experience in Aeras by Carolyn. She’s approachable, knowledgeable & friendly to so many of the questions regarding my acne & condition of my skin is well taken care of. Have significantly reduced the breakouts & skin condition have improved along the sessions.

Definitely recommend anyone facing acne issues to give Aeras a visit



I have been with Aeras since December 2020 and have seen a vast improvement on my skin condition with their facial treatments and products 😊 located at Orchard gateway, it is pretty accessible as well. Aeras staff are very friendly and helpful too!

Also, thank you Carolyn for helping me with my skin concerns and for recommending the most suitable facial treatment that suits my skin condition for every visit! 🤗 Thank you 🙂



I have been patronizing Aeras since Mizu days. Aeras focuses on facial treatment and the people are really attentive and helpful. Based on your appointment and skin condition on the day, they’ll offer the type of facial that deems best for you.

Not only that, i feel that their prices are rather competitive as well. 👍
Thank you Tiffany for assisting me throughout my facial sessions!!



Had been with Aeras since 2019 and am really thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable staff who will always share information on how to improve the skin condition. Thank you Aeras for the wonderful journey ever since as my skin continue to improve. ☺️


Went Aeras for facial targeting at my acnes. Love how clean and calm the environment was. The therapist was superb, analysed my face condition and recommended me the facial treatment. She was gentle and skilful! I don’t leave the clinic looking red despite the extractions. Now it’s one week after the facial with them, my face improved a lot and no new breakups 🙂 acne scar seems lighter too! Highly recommend this place !!



Firstly, I would like to say that I have been with Aeras for about a year coming to two. A year and half back Aeras was where I got my laser treatments done but now they just do facials. They are super good in what they do. They are not A typical facial place. Always end up having a more clearer a better skin going for facial with them.

So what I suggest is you book an appointment and identify what your needs are for your skin with them, they will then recommend the best facial for your skin. And the best part is if your a first timer there’s a great deal having the facial at a trial price. and BIG NO, they do not push or hard sell or make you feel uncomfortable. if you have been looking for a facial place that does good work for your skin and have a reasonable improvement depending on your skin type of cause this is the place for you. BUT if you have drastic skin issue definitely facials wouldn’t be enough you would need to think about having laser with their sister company MIZU, of cause other factors play long as well. like your diet and your workout and your skincare game all plays along in having or achieving good skin. SO A BIG YES for Aeras for facials.

And of cause EVERY individual skin is different, on their lifestyle etc we do owe it to ourselves and have to take responsibilities of having a good after care after going for facial such as extractions etc. and sometimes I find it is TOTALLY NORMAL for my skin to purge a little for a day or two after a facial cause face is clearing up the debris etc . SO don’t fret it is all part of the process to achieving good skin.

Thank you Aeras for having me a better facial skin 🙂



Been with Aeras for more than 1 year and thanks to team I no longer suffer from acne and very pleased with my current skin condition.

Treatment I have done that improve my skin condition: Q-switch + facial + oral medication.

I have been going to a lot of skin clinic because of my acne issue but Aeras make me feel very comfortable when I am there. The doctor and therapist truly care for your skin this is why I have been with them for 1yr+.

Now Aeras mainly focus on facial and this did not make me change my mind to stop going to them because I know my skin will be in good hands when with them and I go to Mizu for my laser now.

They are not PUSHY for package so don’t be afraid to go there for a trial of their facial yes they offer trial price for their facial!

Thank you Aeras and team!


Amazing amazing customer service! When I had some purging from the treatment because of my extremely sensitive skin, I was given the honey oat mask to help calm it down. The mask is so good!!! Just after 1 application, my skin really calmed down a lot.



It has been a great experience in Aeras so far ~ I love how they take care of my skin. Before every treatment, pictures will be taken to track the progress. Beside, they do not hard sell their products and packages but just recommend what is beneficial for each individual. Always looking forward to my next session as they make me feel very welcome and i know that my skin is in good hands 👍

Brenda T , 16 April 2019


I was struggling with a bad case of breakouts on my forehead for the past 3+ weeks and tried everything without any improvements. I decided to purchase the Clarifying skincare set + the Purify and Calm Honey Oat masque. Since starting on these new products this week, my breakouts have gone down. I have sensitive skin so it is amazing that not only is my skin not reacting badly to these new products, but that it is working beautifully. My skin looks and feel smoother, there’s a dewy glow, and my breakouts have all but reduced to small bumps. Loveee!

Deb T, 31 March 2019