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Calm your Zits! P-Acne Eraser

90 mins | Trial at $148 | Premium

Characterised by red, angry, and often painful and sometimes pus-filled spots, inflammatory acne can be a source of agony for many. Reduce inflammation and eliminate spots with the Calm Your Zits! P-Acne Eraser, which targets the root source of the problem to prevent the formation of further breakouts.


Exfoliate clogged pores, calm down moderate-to-severe acne inflammation, reduce bacteria count, reduce redness on skin.

Facial Steps

① Double Cleanse
② Aeras blend chemical peel 
③ Selective manual extractions for clogged pores. 
    (Extractions are not done on moderate-severely inflamed acne.)

④ Alma IPL treatment on inflamed nodules and papules to treat inflammation and reduce bacteria 
Cryotherapy infusion with Niacinamide
⑥ LED Blue + Red Light Therapy
⑦ Aeras Honey Oat Masque 
⑧ Aeras Pimple Cream over inflamed areas

Much like the signature Aeras Comedonal Acne facial, a light chemical peel comprising glycolic and salicylic acid is first applied to unclog pores and reduce sebum, which aids in the extraction process. As further trauma on inflamed and infected areas of skin may cause scarring, only selective extraction will be performed on suitable areas by specially-trained therapists, so as to minimise damage to the skin.

The Alma Dye-PL then uses advanced laser technology to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and even lightening hyperpigmentation caused by previous spots. 

Niacinamide is then infused into the skin through ionic cryotherapy to ensure deep penetration, fighting redness and preventing future acne. An LED light therapy using blue and red lights is the final step in boosting the skin’s defenses against acne-causing bacteria and inflammation, while the Aeras Honey Oat mask harnesses natural healing properties to rebalance nourishment in sensitive, acne-prone skin.


Moderate to severe inflammatory or cystic acne.



1-3 days: pink-redness of skin



The Aeras Repair + Rejuvenate EGF Bio-cellulose mask is recommended to help heal the damaged skin and provide nutrients for the skin to repair itself.

For cases of severe inflammatory acne, a doctor’s prescription of topical or oral antibiotics and other medication may be required. This can be obtained from our doctors at Mizu clinic via an examination.



Aeras AHA and BHAs Blend, Alma IPL, Niacinamide, Blue + Red LED light therapy, Aeras Honey Oat Mask

Aeras AHAs and BHAs blend
Mild acids that are widely known to help unclog pores and exfoliate the skin, AHAs and BHAs such as Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Mandelic acid, and Lactic acid work to reduce bacteria, remove excess sebum and dead and dull skin to reveal a brand new canvas beneath.

Alma IPL
Clinical studies have shown that IPL wavelengths between 450-600nm activate porphyrins in the skin, which works to reduce acne-causing bacteria, and also soothe inflammation which can result in redness and infection. In addition, it can also help lighten some acne marks caused by previous inflammation.

Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B5 serum, Niacinamide, is infused into the skin through cold cyro-electroporation. Electroporation helps ensure thorough penetration of niacinamide into the skin to reduce redness and improve skin healing. Niacinamide also helps reduce inflammation caused by bacteria.

Blue + Red LED light therapy
When blue light reaches the oil glands in the skin, it excites compounds produced by acne bacteria called porphyrins. When excited, these porphyrins produce a toxin that eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Red light reduces the production of inflammatory markers that contribute to the formation of acne. Because of its deeper penetration, red light can more effectively target oil glands, shrinking them and ultimately reducing the amount of sebum production.

Aeras Honey Oat Mask
Specially formulated with raw honey and oatmeal, this mask absorbs impurities and reduces acne-causing bacteria, while soothing the skin. Oatmeal calms and gently exfoliates, while honey promotes healing with its antibacterial properties. Niacinamide, a skin restoring ingredient, helps to relieve skin congestion, balances sebum activity and prevents blemishes.

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