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Aeras by Mizu.
Facials, redefined.

Aeras is founded on the belief that everyone deserves to take charge of their skin’s narrative. Helmed by Dr. YZ Tan of Mizu Aesthetic Clinic, Aeras specialises in medically-backed, bespoke facials to let your skin unlock its full potential. 

At Aeras, we understand that you are more than just a ‘skin type’.

No two skins are the same and what our skin requires evolve and change constantly. In order to create solutions that reflect the dynamic nature of our skins, Dr Tan, along with Dr Joshua Chong (founder and Medical Director of Terra medical clinic) tirelessly researched and developed medical facials specifically tailored to every skin’s specific demands. The result: carefully curated treatments delivered using the latest medical-grade devices that leave your skin looking as good as you feel.

Results-oriented modern facials, not compromising on comfort

Try any of our doctor-designed facials, and you’ll realize that we’ve combined latest technologies and machines with uniquely formulated dermatological-grade ingredients. Every single facial step is carefully thought-out to ensure that our unique ingredients are properly infused into the skin to deliver the results our doctors have intended.

Our goal is to deliver the best facial experience you have ever had. This ethos is distilled into a straightforward approach of providing tried-and-tested treatments combined with omotenashi: sincere, heartfelt service with only your satisfaction in mind. As with Mizu and Terra, Aeras aims to channel the spirit of omotenashi through carefully anticipating your needs and preferences, making sure that no effort is spared in creating the ultimate experience and letting you love the skin you are in.


Facials, redefined.

Aeras initially started as a medical spa focusing solely on acne treatments, but as time went on, we realised that self care goes beyond remedies. Many of our facials incorporate massages to invoke blood circulation, as this aids skin health and maximizes absorption of our specially formulated ingredients. 

Beyond providing advanced and innovative techniques to target skin concerns, we wanted to create a space where you can relax and unwind, and let our staff help craft the skin you feel the most empowered in. Step into our cozy space, relax, unwind, and let our facials do the magic for glowing, beautiful skin.